Transition to Autumn  with Christian Dior  Vintage

Transition to Autumn with Christian Dior Vintage

The long awaited summer has swiftly drawn to a close. I hope you had a few relaxing days. The temperatures in Japan reached unprecedented heights this year, yet we successfully kept ourselves well-hydrated. How about you?

With the climate becoming more amiable for outdoor activities, I find myself pondering autumn ensembles. It's now time to ready ourselves for the approaching season and immerse in its ambiance. While I Love  summer, autumn proves to be the ideal canvas for showcasing accent costume jewelry. Today, I want to share some of this week's top picks with you.


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 1. Vintage Christian Dior Insignia Collection , is gold plated with massive CD monogram logo pendant embellished with Swarovski crystals . The Gold chain is in style of a French rope  which works well for both women and men .


2. Vintage Christian Dior Moon earrings , decorated with multi faced glass in apricot color and small rhinestones in diamond color . At this moment we have  have all set Necklace , Earrings and Brooch . 

3. Vintage Dior Dangle Logo Earrings , gold plated in a beautiful vintage condition with a embellished ellipse shaped hoop . This is a Statement piece of jewelry.


4. Vintage Christian Dior Germany Emeralds crystals green necklace .
It’s green is so mesmerizing , certainly Christian Dior  Couture house knows the most desired gems by human kind . 


Hopefully you like my selection today , I will try to update you weekly with new products and fun reads .




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